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This service allows you to reverse Facebook.com email addresses that are tied to accounts. The software lists the result in order of most commonly used to least common, only 50 results are returned at a time. The software takes into account length of the domain, non obscured letters, and the TLD at the end. There are other factors that help the scoring system as well.
Results are returned with a large degree of sucess based off these factors. Stats on the ammount of domains we have indexed are at the bottom of this page.

The information that you get back will not show matched usernames only the matching domains (@website.com). While this is built into the software full matches (username@webstie.com) will not be provided to the end user for security reasons.
Email addresses that end in .gov , .gc.ca , .mil are excluded from results for security reasons.

If you would like to request your domain be removed from our index and have a compelling enough reason please let us know.

More about Lazerus' code:
The idea is that we can take an email that is partially obscured for example take the plaintext email: test@domain.com since social media sites dont want you to farm email addresses from them or to give out personal information (ironic considering thats their buiseness model) then they obscure them like such: t***@d*****.com
Lazerus will take the email and compare it to a list of the most commonly used email providers ( gmail.com, outlook.com, rogers.ca ). It will compare the total length as well as taking into consideration any letters that are not obscured with the ending of the TLD. Using this method we are able to provide a good idea of the domain used while giving you the most plausable domain first using our unique scoring system.
The database comprised of emails from database leaks, dumps, pastebin pastes, and other various sources. The system is roughly mirrod off Troy Hunts haveibeenpwnd system. Lazerus does not store or contain passwords, addresses, or credit card data. It also does not contain any emails from 'email lists' or spam lists as they do not give a good depiction of real human users.

More about the index:

2016-01-19: 161,007,133 unique emails added to index.
137,9661 domains / email hosting providers.

2016-01-21: 208,466,979 unique emails added to index.
9,449,661 domains / email hosting providers.

2016-01-26: Site launch.

2016-02-05: WhoIsByIP - Added Tor and VPN detection on WhoIS reports.

2016-02-09: Color coded Lazerus results.

2016-05-27: 360,213,024 additional unique emails added to index.

2016-09-20: 76,412,144 additonal unique emails added to index.